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Strategic counseling

Strategic advice for innovation, business case development and new services

MBA Consulting has the hands-on expertise, knowledge of the market and the methodology necessary to ensure clients marketing and commercial strategy.

According to the needs of the client, our assistance can include the following:

  • Analysis of client position in relation to the competition.
    Analysis and mapping of the actors, SWOT analysis, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Analysis of product positioning: adequacy with the market demand, impact on the practices, respect of normative and regulatory requirements, competitive assets, brakes to the diffusion.

  • Identification of ancillary functions and associated services (training, evaluation, integration, financing, support and maintenance) to improve and differentiate the offer. Identification and assistance with the selection of technical and commercial partners.

  • Assistance with the development of commercial sales leaflets and the development of the commercial-product action plan.

  • Definition of communication strategies, assistance with the communication actions and organization of seminars.

In the areas of image analysis and shared imaging, this offer is supplemented by the assistance with the design of the software packages related to these offers (development of functional specifications, driving feasibility studies, drafting technical and normative specifications, choice of pilot sites and following beta sites during the evaluations).

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